Saturday, April 10, 2010

Been A Bad Blogger Lately

Things have been hectic lately.For two weeks Brady was having fevers everyday.There wasn't anything I could do to comfort him.He was even sick on easter.This week he has been doing so much better.He hasn't had any fevers all week and he is eating again.He started the Neocate Jr. and he loves it.He's been drinking 9 ounces.I weighed and it said it was 15 lbs.I'm taking him to the doctor next week to get an accurate weight check though.He has a VEP scheduled for Friday but they canceled.I can tell a change in his vision.He's tracking more but I would like to know exactly how much vision he has.

We're really busy this month.I'm finishing up this semester and we're moving to a new apartment this month.Will try to update more.