Monday, November 29, 2010

Over one hurdle

Brady has had a really rough few days.He was doing a little better up until Friday.On Friday they decided to try to attempt to give him some feeds.The feeds were only going at 5 ml/hr.Brady couldn't even tolerate that and his retching and gagging started.He also started having labored breathing and lots of wheezing.It was so hard watching him in pain.I hate seeing him uncomfortable.It was one of the times I actually started to really worry about him.The vomiting just was not letting up.

Today they told me if they didn't get in the gj tube soon they would have to send him home on TPN for a few months and then reschedule the gj tube in a few months when his health was a little better.Well Brady already has liver problems and the TPN is bad on the liver.I'm okay with him being on cycled TPN when he goes home but I don't want it as his only source of nutrition.At least not yet.I want to see if the gj tube will actually make a difference.

They ended up getting him scheduled for today.I was nervous but if it is something that they think he needs I think they should go for it.He seems to be doing better.He will start feeds tomorrow.I pray that it helps.I hate seeing him in pain all the time.I will keep everyone updated.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I Wish I had A Magic Wand

I had Brady's care conference Wednesday.I was sick to my stomach the whole day.I hate those kinds of meetings.You are in a tiny room with all kinds of doctors making plans for your child.I know Brady has a long road ahead of him but every time I have one of those talks with the doctors it is always hard.The plan is for him to get the gj tube and do cycled TPN.It was what I was expecting but it is still hard.Even with all of Brady's diagnosis  I have always held out that he could get better.Maybe some test was wrong and later on he would come out of everything.I know that is not the case but I always hold onto the thought.

Thursday he woke up congested.In the matter of a few hours he was all junky and just not feeling  right.They did an x-ray and he has aspiration pneumonia. He has been miserable.He has to have oxygen and he has never needed it before.He is not happy at all.I just wish I had a magic wand and I could make everything all better.He is an innocent 2 year old.He should not have to go through all these test.He should not be hooked up to all these wires.His stomach is fill with cords.I hate seeing him in the hospital all the time.I know that things will eventually get better but it is so hard seeing your baby in the hospital all of the time.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Better Late than Never Update

Well the past 6 months have been filled with hospital stays.My life has been having doctors come in and out,getting blood work,EEG's,X-rays,etc.Brady has been in the hospital  3 times in the past 2 months just for vomiting alone.I am not getting any answers to the cause.They are wanting to do a gj tube but I'm not there yet.I just feel like it would be an easy fix but not stop the vomiting.I want to agree to it but I'm just not completely sure yet.They are scheduling one of his dreaded care conferences tomorrow to weigh my options.They don't  want him going home on TPN.That is not the way to go either.I just want to do the right thing but it is so hard when he can't talk and tell me what is wrong.

On a happier note though,he had his 2nd birthday Saturday.He was sick the whole time but it was just such a relief to get to the 2nd birthday.I worry everyday about him.It is so hard to have a child where you are constantly worrying about if he is going to make it.He has had so many close calls every time he gets sick it causes a panic because he goes down so fast.He is doing better today though so hopefully we are making progress.I am going to do better about updating from now on.