Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Brady started pedialyte a few days ago.The first day he screamed.I wasn't sure why he wasn't tolerating since it was going at such a slow rate.I found out that they weren't giving him his morphine.He alternates between morphine and ativan because he is always agitated.The past few weeks he has not been a happy camper.Since he is on medicines to keep him calm he has been doing a lot better,

I had to fight hard to get his milk changed.He has been on elecare but he is still gaggy and retching with feeds.The nutritionist did not want to change his milk.I always do research before I ask about something.I wanted to give vivonex pediatric a try while we were inpatient.I asked GI about it tomorrow and they agreed so we are slowly doing feeds.I hope it helps.This is week 3 in the hospital.It is time to get answers and finally go home.

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