Sunday, March 27, 2011

Back in the Hospital

Brady was discharged from the hospital Dec. 31st.During this time he has had a lot of going on.He has had a bout of pneumonia and flu.During that time we were able to keep him home though.He was approved for 18 hours a day of home health nursing.That has helped a lot so he can get care and not always be in the hospital since I think he gets sicker in the hospital.

Our streak of staying home ended last Tuesday.He was running a fever which is not abnormal for him.He was also vomiting which he does every few weeks even with a gj tube.We got a call at home that he needed to be a direct admit because he has a line infection.They are treating him with antibiotics and if all goes well he should be able to go home this weekend.

They are also adding back on lipids to him TPN since he is not gaining weight.He has always had problems gaining weight but with the vomiting and the constant diarrhea he is not getting enough calories and maintaining his weight.It is hard seeing him in pain constantly but I'm trying to do what is best for him.

I will try to update the blog more.