Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Brady started pedialyte a few days ago.The first day he screamed.I wasn't sure why he wasn't tolerating since it was going at such a slow rate.I found out that they weren't giving him his morphine.He alternates between morphine and ativan because he is always agitated.The past few weeks he has not been a happy camper.Since he is on medicines to keep him calm he has been doing a lot better,

I had to fight hard to get his milk changed.He has been on elecare but he is still gaggy and retching with feeds.The nutritionist did not want to change his milk.I always do research before I ask about something.I wanted to give vivonex pediatric a try while we were inpatient.I asked GI about it tomorrow and they agreed so we are slowly doing feeds.I hope it helps.This is week 3 in the hospital.It is time to get answers and finally go home.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Will It get Better

We are still in the hospital.Brady still isn't back to his old self.He is really congested and I think he is just over being in the hospital.He has been in pain the past week.He is really fussy the times he is awake.He is cranky and not his happy self.They have now started him on morphine and ativan hoping that will help with some of the agitation.He seems to be resting so far but I have no idea how long this will last.They also started him on pedialyte and we will work on getting him back to feeds.I am really nervous and anxious about starting feeds back.I know he will do well for a few days but his vicious cycle will start back soon.I hate that we still have no answers on the vomiting front.I am exhausted and I know he is too.Hopefully someone will come up with some kind of answer soon but right now we still don't have any kind of answers.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Where do we go from here

Brady had made it a whole 3 months at home.He had battled the flu and pneumonia all without coming into the hospital.

We two weeks ago he went into the ER for his fever/vomiting spells.They sent us home though. The next day they called at home and said he needed to be admitted and we treated the line infection and he was sent home.

After being home a whole 4 days we are back in the hospital.He was once again throwing up and they found out that his line is no longer drawing back.

It has been a really eventful week for myself and Brady.I know it is not normal for a person to constantly throw up all day long. He is misery all day long.They say a nissen will not work and they say he cannot go back to a regular g tube.

What kind of life is going to have if he is always in the hospital for vomiting.I hurt when he is hurting.They say they have plans but I will keep doing my research.I am a goggle addict trying to find something,anything that can help him.I know he is not the only person who has vomiting spells like he does.I will keep looking and fighting for him.I miss my happy baby and I am certain there is a way to bring him back.