Sunday, July 24, 2011


We were discharged from the hospital Monday.After almost 4 months inpatient I was enjoying my time at home.It was taking some time to get use to all the meds and the oxygen but at least we were at home.

I was just getting into the routine of being home when Brady decided to pull out his gj during his afternoon feed.I popped in a g and back to the hospital we went.I knew it was the weekend and we would most likely be admitted but I was thinking happy thoughts.My happy thoughts didn't last long though.They said he could go home with a g and get all his meds and TPN and come back Monday.Brady is on 24 meds though and can barely hold down feeds in his gj.There is no way he could handle 24 meds through a g so we were admitted.They changed all the medicines they could to IV(so thankful for the central line)and he is on 24/hr TPN.The plan is to get a new tube in tomorrow and go on our merry way.Brady usually never has short visits but we really need to get him home before more things happen.