Monday, April 18, 2011

Will It get Better

We are still in the hospital.Brady still isn't back to his old self.He is really congested and I think he is just over being in the hospital.He has been in pain the past week.He is really fussy the times he is awake.He is cranky and not his happy self.They have now started him on morphine and ativan hoping that will help with some of the agitation.He seems to be resting so far but I have no idea how long this will last.They also started him on pedialyte and we will work on getting him back to feeds.I am really nervous and anxious about starting feeds back.I know he will do well for a few days but his vicious cycle will start back soon.I hate that we still have no answers on the vomiting front.I am exhausted and I know he is too.Hopefully someone will come up with some kind of answer soon but right now we still don't have any kind of answers.

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