Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Week so far

I think I figured out why Brady was a fussy butt a few days ago.He has 4 new teeth coming in.He has never taking teething well.He has about 12 teeth total.It's weird everytime I see them.He is so little and he won't take solids.Everytime he opens his mouth it's so funny to see all those teeth.

He had an doctor's appointment today.He was 12 lbs. 8 ozs.He gained 2 ounces.There was no change in height or head.I wasn't expecting any change though.They still want me to consider a tube.I would like to get him one for supplement.I just need to find a GI.He goes to the eye doctor Thursday.I hope they can tell me if he has any vision.I think he can see up close but I'm not really sure.

He is a joy lately when he is not fussing.He has rolled over a few more times and he is laughing all the time.I'm really enjoying seeing a personality in him.

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