Monday, November 29, 2010

Over one hurdle

Brady has had a really rough few days.He was doing a little better up until Friday.On Friday they decided to try to attempt to give him some feeds.The feeds were only going at 5 ml/hr.Brady couldn't even tolerate that and his retching and gagging started.He also started having labored breathing and lots of wheezing.It was so hard watching him in pain.I hate seeing him uncomfortable.It was one of the times I actually started to really worry about him.The vomiting just was not letting up.

Today they told me if they didn't get in the gj tube soon they would have to send him home on TPN for a few months and then reschedule the gj tube in a few months when his health was a little better.Well Brady already has liver problems and the TPN is bad on the liver.I'm okay with him being on cycled TPN when he goes home but I don't want it as his only source of nutrition.At least not yet.I want to see if the gj tube will actually make a difference.

They ended up getting him scheduled for today.I was nervous but if it is something that they think he needs I think they should go for it.He seems to be doing better.He will start feeds tomorrow.I pray that it helps.I hate seeing him in pain all the time.I will keep everyone updated.

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